Monday, March 26, 2012

"Back to the skies, and further, between the Moon and the orbital region of Earth, are vehicles, or more appropriately, 'Space Stations.'  Of course with this type of discovery, there are 'Skeptics' that have claimed that all of these 'Space Stations' are Earth, manufactured, even if they are in deep space, beyond the Moon's orbit. Astronomer 'John Lenard Wason, has photographed many of these anomalies, or 'Space Platforms' and does not assume they are extraterrestrial in origin. But after a through investigation of these images, they appear to be miles across, and traveling at millions of miles an hour.  There would be no doubt that the Hubble Telescope has indeed photographed all of them, yet as so much datum, discovered, it is not available for public knowledge."

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