Wednesday, August 17, 2011

"Helmeted Walrus Ivory Mask"  "Ipiutak horizon, discovered in the village of Point Hope, Alaska and is very similar to the mask discovered in the village of Deering further south, posted earlier in this blog.  The sizes of these masks are large enough to fit onto a human face, as was the case in it's burial.  Mortuary masks, constructed in multiple sections of ivory, engraved in animistic motif and fashioned after a god, an extraterrestrial contact with a helmet of a 'space suit', influencing this tradition until this culture disappeared or had been absorbed by an alternated tribe or tribes of Inuit. The study of the Ipiutak culture resulted in findings of unusual traditions, in some relative similarity to the mystic mysterious people of the Okvik, Old Bering Sea cultures of St. Lawrence Island that sculpted  ivory, 'space ships' or shuttles referred to as 'Winged Objects,' Human Forms with elliptical heads and engraved motif highly technological for a simple hunter / gatherer group in a very remote island on the Bering Sea."

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