Friday, January 28, 2011

"Light, Love within this light, and how is it that we are not seeing this light?  When the sun emits light, it plays with our physical senses, our eyes.  Then there are many different 'wave lengths' of light that our eyes cannot see.  More impressive is the frequencies that 'visitors' entering space corridors as it manipulates the time and space continuum and paces itself to selected momentum, it too disappears from our eyes.  This is 'dimensional shifting,'  and this is a function of certain species within this physical Universe have that can travel from one dimension to another.  As they travel through any atmosphere, these vehicles can do so in 'stealth' by alternating frequencies at their choosing camouflaging their entry to various pitches.  So, essentially there are many vehicles from other dimensions coming and going to planet Earth performing their research, lab work, photography, untold multitudes of measurements, and many other chores too numerous to mention.  They have been referred to as 'Custodians' and have assistants of a different species (workers), smaller entities that have an agreement with the 'Custodians' labeled 'Grays' by the United States government 'Project Bluebook."  "There is just so much going on in the 'immediate' Universe that our species  are unaware of." "Then there are those whom are critical and unable to grasp the significance of the activities beyond this world, they indeed, have the freedom to ignore all of it and stay on the side lines."  "I, can say that I am not walking backwards and I am also looking 'up' at changes and information now available for those that actively research.  Outside of our Earth experience, there are concerns from our 'neighbors' that are now being revealed.  The main challenge is the irreparable imbalance of negativity with positive and  it is time for intervention."

Thursday, January 27, 2011

"As I was born, at that moment I entered this new life as spirit, my true self, into the baby, this 'spirit' or 'light being' maintains the life of the child.  I have entered this life as a very experienced traveler and have been here before. Memory, however has been lost when entering the new life of a child.  There is no interference in order for this life to have it's own unique experiences and to awaken to the soul-spirit's identity.  Physical bodies are the vehicles of our soul-spirit's expressions.  They are discarded (death) when the journey is finished."