Wednesday, August 17, 2011

"Sky People"
"Helmeted Walrus Ivory Mask"  "Ipiutak horizon, discovered in the village of Point Hope, Alaska and is very similar to the mask discovered in the village of Deering further south, posted earlier in this blog.  The sizes of these masks are large enough to fit onto a human face, as was the case in it's burial.  Mortuary masks, constructed in multiple sections of ivory, engraved in animistic motif and fashioned after a god, an extraterrestrial contact with a helmet of a 'space suit', influencing this tradition until this culture disappeared or had been absorbed by an alternated tribe or tribes of Inuit. The study of the Ipiutak culture resulted in findings of unusual traditions, in some relative similarity to the mystic mysterious people of the Okvik, Old Bering Sea cultures of St. Lawrence Island that sculpted  ivory, 'space ships' or shuttles referred to as 'Winged Objects,' Human Forms with elliptical heads and engraved motif highly technological for a simple hunter / gatherer group in a very remote island on the Bering Sea."

Sunday, August 14, 2011

"Okvik horizon, 3000 years BP, walrus ivory, expressing an over all human posture, yet a very atypical (compared to actual Inuit head forms) elongated 'narrow' nose ending in a very atypical (compared to other Inuit sculpted human forms), almost a non-significant mouth with a 'weak' chin.  The actual model of Inuit Human is not a elongated nose, and with a robust mouth with chin that would typify their standard profiles." "These motif with an atypical Human form is standard for the forms used, and yet does not conform to a Human configuration to any resident in prehistory or modern Yupik images. To suggest, then, that the models used, so typically in Okvik and Old Bering Sea art, were not of the local format of patterns attributing to the normal local Human populations but designs introduced and carried over in traditions by the obvious impact of their introduction.  Elliptical heads, as described during these periods, maintain their motif for two thousand years without much deviation.  It ensures these impressions were not only important but essential in their cultural identity with these patterns as they have served traditions in thousands of recreated forms standard to these profiled patterns."
"Later motif patterns are a more expected labeling for late prehistoric Inuit.  The heads of the Human Forms are circular and virtually void of expressions (Typical of Okvik or Old Bering Sea types) not an elaborate attempt and lacking in traditions similar.  Either the traditions did not persist throughout the region or the remoteness of each group did not share legends and traditions from group to group even by trade patterns.  The patterned traditions on St. Lawrence did in fact evolve dramatically but never the less stressed the need to proliferate a fundamental elaborate distinction specific to Yupik traditions. The main impact of certain Old Bering Sea and Okvik prototypes were elliptical head profiles, weak chins, elongated noses ending in a overly small mouth opening." (And for those whom study the Grays, it is very similar to these species, as even most Okvik, Old Bering Sea period human forms are not at all of a typical Human representation)."

Saturday, August 13, 2011

"Winged Object"  "Traditional Okvik design motif, of 3000 years, Siberia and St. Lawrence Island, Alaska"
"Sculpted from walrus ivory, engraved using a rodents tooth stylus, to illustrate construct lines, and orbs that may have been landing lights.  Most important are the ports that suggest propulsion engines, wings with articulating vanes and hull orientations that might suggest access panels. 3000 years ago, designed by Arctic hunters and attached to their harpoons to throw...into the sea!" 
"Late Punuk Horizon," (500 AD) St. Lawrence Island, Alaska..."Winged Object"
It does represent a Whale's fluke quite simply, yet it follows a tradition that has much to do with this evolved design pattern.  The Yupik followed traditional motifs religiously and mostly due to a dramatically religious discipline.  As a remote and primitive culture steps up it's technology from basically it's localized influences such as animism and visionaries, there also were influences unexplained that brought to light designs that were too 'alien' to their normal accountable influences.  These influences saw a dramatic design motif of shapes reminiscent of air planes, winged objects with linear construct lines easily defining the superstructures of vehicles built to fly and perhaps to do so in space.  Extraterrestrial encounters were in place in history, prehistory and even in our current experiences.  When a primitive and distant culture views an 'air craft' or in a most spectacular way, a Space vehicle, it then becomes a God, a thing to remember, to copy in any art form for providence, fortune, and spiritual gratification.  It occurred in the Arctic, to many cultures, and these design motifs were preserved in their cultural identities, their deities and traditions that lasted for thousands of years...are indeed a mirror of extraterrestrial contacts past along by memory and in a strict traditional sense."

Friday, August 12, 2011

"Complex motifs of the later Punuk proto-types of Bering Sea 'Winged' Objects, or as some have named 'Turreted' Objects do harbor design suggestions that seem to be in tradition.  What the tradition may be is just not supported by the standard perceptions of a simple remote cultural group in the middle of the Bering Sea.  It is not to say that these groups are not creative, but indeed they have been exceptionally so, to suggest the designs came from imagination is conjecture as well, but to suggest the designs came by 'outside' influence is most likely.  China and Mongolia was a great distance from St. Lawrence Island and coastal Siberia, but given the space, distance and cultural diversity of all of these groups, in these prehistoric periods, never-the-less suggests influence not typical of less advanced perceptions.  Winged objects, Turreted complexities, and linear engravings suggest a standard of a developed high technological hosts.  As reference to mainland groups of the same age horizons do depict animistic and local associated design format not at all similar to the Okvik and other Bering Sea groups of the same time frame.  All except the Ipiutak horizon which holds similarities to these types." "The remote ancient groups experienced an influence that changed them from a typical primitive hunter / gatherer life style to a very advanced motif based technology."
"Published discovery in Deering Alaska, by the local Nome, Alaska newspaper, the 'Nome Nugget' illustrates a rare discovery of a 'Helmeted' walrus ivory 'mask' by the prehistoric 'Ipiutak'  that had accompanied a burial.  These motifs are  continuous artifact representations suggesting 'contact' influences of interplanetary visitations in past Arctic history of the Bering and Chukchi Sea region.  There are a great many atypical motifs of these ancient people's (abstract fauna types) that are certain religious traditions offered as the Inuit's link to perpetuated spiritual beliefs. Too many of these motifs directly suggest extraterrestrial contacts simply by offering vehicular replications in Inuit design formats." "Winged Objects designed to 'fly' with engraved images too coincidental in the constructs of a 'vehicle, a wing with attachments with non animated imagery is standard but there are definitely animistic associations to these introduced motifs in combination to an overall motif that is alien to such remote and primitive hunter/ gatherer culture groups in such remote and sterile environment."

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

"Objects of motifs that are utilized in a culture so remote as to be in a very real way 'stranded' in the Bering Sea islands and along the remote coasts of Siberia that developed 'flying' vehicles from memory, from tradition with elaborate engravings illustrating 'light portals' and construct lines.  To such details that does not involve any objects that occur naturally in their Arctic environment.  Vanes as stabilizers on the wings, that can contract or extend, with wings that house engine ports, that are carved through the object both fore and aft. Not just winged objects but other objects such as harpoon projectiles, all illustrating engravings that appear to be stars, or linear dissecting barbs through globes or raised 'eyes' that include animistic abstracts incorporated into an 'hull' configuration."  'One must question how these designs from both the 'Okvik' (Bering Sea) and mainland 'Ipiutak' Inuit of (Point Hope and Deering, Alaska) developed ancient prehistoric fixed wing 'ship' type motifs, that are entirely foreign to anything discovered in their 'common' format of Arctic life."

Saturday, August 6, 2011

"Most basically, terminology such as 'Crop Circles' are inappropriately labeled. They are 'valid' communications that is acceptable to the 'Prime Directive' of no intervention and no interference. As a 'species' we must come to our 'own' level of awareness, spirituality, collective species agreements and development in order to move towards participation to the established galactic community." 

Monday, May 2, 2011

"Expanded view, magnified to closer proximity, and as this photo was taken, these 'lights' (vehicles) came into view instantaneously,  Dispersed quickly and then sped off beyond the speed of Air Asia aircraft as a immense difference of forward advanced speed." 

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

"The term: "Ancient Aliens" is alien to many, but when interest added with effort is present, one can discover undeniable revelations that 'others' have been coming and going to this planet for thousands of years, leaving behind certain technologies, and impressions on the populations as they do and did."  "This (photo) of a sculpture was discovered on the Siberian side of the Bering Straight with an established age of 3000 years.  Found with it was a burial of an ancient "Okvik" Inuit (Eskimo) in ice.  The 'motif' is referred to by the locals as 'Winged Objects' and has a strange similarity to a Jet Aircraft.  Intricate incising all over the object is very much as construction lines (by memory) by the carver.  It is my findings that a major percentage of discoveries from these cultures reflect something they had viewed outside of their normal environment...UFO flying objects of various designs along with semi-Human identities also sculpted from walrus ivory." 

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

"As I have explained concerning the methods of travel, at the very least, through distance, is the 'shifting' of physical frequencies so that dimensional manipulation is utilized.  I have seen and recorded many photos of vehicles go from a solid metal constructed vehicle to a mist configuration (molecular frequency) that in a rapid succession literally disappears (shift location).  These vehicles (photo) have 'shifted' from a solid vehicle structure to a hyper frequency as they molecular pulse and entered space through another dimension. Authentic videos of hundreds of UFO vehicles have recorded these vehicles as the appear instantly form space and the Earth's atmosphere where a millisecond earlier, they were not there."

"26 February 2011, high speed UFO's appearing on the horizon and photographed by my 12 year old daughter Jessica as she departed from Perth Australia, then over the airspace of Irian Jaya, Indonesia, and finally one photo over the island of Bali"  "I had made mention that she 'keep her eyes open' as she goes about with the camera and record anything unusual...and she did just that!" 

Monday, January 31, 2011

"Our concept of distance is most often referred to our physical capability to travel in space.  All factors are calibrated to comply to our physical being in order to 'survive' space travel. Centrifugal forces can cause stress and injury unless these forces are withdrawn from mega-speed transportation.  There are just too many accommodations required for sub-light speeds and travel for the Human physic."  "Our 'ET' neighbors are more advanced than our concepts of thought, and travel, for them, is much more efficient, to suggest to 'vibrate' and dial in frequencies that 'shift' dimensions to achieve departures and arrivals without distance being a factor." 

"When all of us view 'Crop Circles' it is my observation to conclude that the majority of these impressions are authentic and are an 'icon' to further data.  It is certain that certain Humans do indeed produce 'Crop Circles' but not to be alluded as the majority are sent here to be observed... 'near future'... information to those maneuvering through the information grids" 

Sunday, January 30, 2011

"Free Will"  'This is a very important condition for our species in order to have 'the Experience' as an individual.  It is not the case in the Universe to have independence, and individuals are not fully realized when we are at 'home' with the 'Source.'  "As we become Humans on planet Earth, we then become this individual as per design.  If we maintained any past memories prior to becoming Human, then the experience would not be the same.  Being Human is a challenge that can provide such an experience.  "This free will does cease any outside interference from others in the Universe and as per design, shall run it's course."  "So, then, we are spirits 'souls,' that travel to various planets in infinite universe(s) experiencing all of it.  As energy beings that bridge time, space and travel, in all modes, methods, and in all reaches of our interests...we go.  'Just' remember that you, for now, have temporarily lost past memory in order to experience this existence within it's design."  

Friday, January 28, 2011

"Light, Love within this light, and how is it that we are not seeing this light?  When the sun emits light, it plays with our physical senses, our eyes.  Then there are many different 'wave lengths' of light that our eyes cannot see.  More impressive is the frequencies that 'visitors' entering space corridors as it manipulates the time and space continuum and paces itself to selected momentum, it too disappears from our eyes.  This is 'dimensional shifting,'  and this is a function of certain species within this physical Universe have that can travel from one dimension to another.  As they travel through any atmosphere, these vehicles can do so in 'stealth' by alternating frequencies at their choosing camouflaging their entry to various pitches.  So, essentially there are many vehicles from other dimensions coming and going to planet Earth performing their research, lab work, photography, untold multitudes of measurements, and many other chores too numerous to mention.  They have been referred to as 'Custodians' and have assistants of a different species (workers), smaller entities that have an agreement with the 'Custodians' labeled 'Grays' by the United States government 'Project Bluebook."  "There is just so much going on in the 'immediate' Universe that our species  are unaware of." "Then there are those whom are critical and unable to grasp the significance of the activities beyond this world, they indeed, have the freedom to ignore all of it and stay on the side lines."  "I, can say that I am not walking backwards and I am also looking 'up' at changes and information now available for those that actively research.  Outside of our Earth experience, there are concerns from our 'neighbors' that are now being revealed.  The main challenge is the irreparable imbalance of negativity with positive and  it is time for intervention."

Thursday, January 27, 2011

"As I was born, at that moment I entered this new life as spirit, my true self, into the baby, this 'spirit' or 'light being' maintains the life of the child.  I have entered this life as a very experienced traveler and have been here before. Memory, however has been lost when entering the new life of a child.  There is no interference in order for this life to have it's own unique experiences and to awaken to the soul-spirit's identity.  Physical bodies are the vehicles of our soul-spirit's expressions.  They are discarded (death) when the journey is finished."