Friday, May 23, 2014

"I have scrimshawed many completed works, ten years non-stop engraving ivories of ancient origins. I have sculpted these ancient ivories nearly all of my life also non-stop and still continue to.  Many had been contemporary in my motif to please my friends and collectors in all of these many years.  I now no longer offer any works that do not have my power, works that are endowed with purpose, objects of pride from my hands and from the hands of the ancient folks now extinct.  No longer is it important to offer motif without this power, as I have not that many years left in this life experience and I shall not give objects weak and random appeal in shallow cabinets of dust.  I choose now Amulet, the objects found in the iced hands of Mammoth hunters, on harpoons of ancient Bering Sea hunters, deities strung about the shoulders on bear skin cordage beaded with rare traded treasures from far to the north.  I sing the same songs in spirit of those long past this time, I know them in my sojourns to the edge of the Arctic, to lands end."  

Friday, April 19, 2013

"Living on summer beaches, encamped and split driftwood log houses and cedar bark roofing. Most from the river village whom boat from the river to the coast for salmon,  Caribou passed through these beaches on their way north, along the coasts as the off shore winds kept the mosquitoes away.  When the breezes often died out at night, the raid of mosquitoes were an event.  Most everyone dressed heavy and were not plagued by incessant biting, and became less irritating.  New to this country one would suffer, no matter, mosquitoes fall into hot coffee and food and flood in a quick entry into a house. But thankfully enough, along the sea, mosquitoes are tolerable."

Sunday, March 31, 2013

"I have been aware of 'Flying Saucers,' UFOs, and these unexplained vehicles in the sky, in the early 60's. My father was on his way to work one afternoon following a lunch break at home in Woodward, Iowa. We lived very close to his studio and so off to work he went in his pickup truck. About a quarter of a mile from home he slowed his truck to check the railroad tracks as he began a slight incline and came to a stop.  In front of him was an absolute huge lenticular ship, with windows extending from left to right, the entire width of the ship. It flew right over him as he waited at the tracks, with people looking out through these windows.  This ship has cast a shadow over the entire area surrounding him and continued on its way without sound over our house in like manner.  Of course I was inside, at home and did not view it, probably still eating lunch as my father returned home directly with this experience. I have never seen him so excited, not even when a tornado was ripping its path near our neighborhood in our years living in tornado alley. The statement that most stuck in mind was the 'people' he had seen in the windows, as far as he could tell they were Human, looking out of the windows from such a huge vessel that he though had to be a quarter of a mile across." 

"I for one, require no convincing of the ancient presence of advance species interacting with our ancestors and us. They come, have came and have gone of their own inclination, bringing occasional 'gifts' appropriate for the times and circumstances in our world.  Legends and religions no doubt have been created by Homo Sapiens as with other Humanoid groups on our planet in times unrecorded due to extraterrestrial influences. It so very unfortunate that these 'Contact' events have been lost to history and prehistory, with no record of these events that must have been almost common. Ancient Aliens have indeed been present as technologies have presented themselves in relics and artifacts globally. Most of my friends have seen ships flying in the skies and sightings in our times to be more than convinced that we have visitations.  The agendas of our extraterrestrial neighbors are not available for reference both in prehistory or in our times, it is just not available by direct collective 'Contact.'  I surmise, however, that this life experience is of our own free will and the Earth experience shall not be interfered with unless a global threat is occurring by the efforts of war, such as a thermal nuclear catastrophe.  Natural catastrophes are also circumvented occasionally, but not always, again, unless events are too extreme.  We do have limited intervention to shield us from total annihilation. We are too important to the Universe, and we are in fact surrounded by benevolent extraterrestrial Beings, keeping a most careful 'eye' on all of us."

Friday, March 15, 2013

"Dagger with a Human motif to represent what the creator of this dagger, had envisioned.  Few objects were sculpted without some purpose.  In the case of this dagger supporting a stone (Chert) blade, with a handle of extinct Stellar Sea Cow rib bone, does launch the imagination back to prehistory, of a time when an ancient hunter of the region of Arctic, Alaska, most likely carried it during special times.  It is doubtful that it had been a part of his daily hunting gear as the blade, although formidable as to its purpose was easily broken.  Then it may have been worn regularly and in a protective wooden sheath on his person or even in a box within the boat or sledge.  It was a valuable trade item also, as most objects have been when it comes to such quality. The real mystery still resonates in question, but as an object of pride it is a rare and wondrous discovery." 

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

"It was when 'Eden' got it's definition, a time in the past that also defines time, so long ago, when our world was nothing like it is now.  Even before the last preceding Pleistocene, Wisconsin Glacier Ice Age, forty to fifty thousand years ago, when even the land was different and sea level fluctuated in the radical climate of global warming, cooling and freezing. We were there, living in a land so vast in distances that in those times could not be imagined.  Dwellings were sparse and no doubt the great distances divided cultures and groups where languages, traditions and beliefs were completely different.  I try to imagine a land of no roads, no powerlines, or any sign whatsoever, that man had walked, and that Humans were as rare as some of the life that this Ice land offered."

Monday, March 11, 2013

"Now exposed on the beaches, and being lost to the sea, entire ancient villages are in a slow motion retraction of their thousand year history.  The permafrost now surrendering to thaw and entire subterranean houses spilling slowly on the gravels and sand to be quickly reclaimed and this time buried below the surf.  This Amulet of ancient walrus ivory is an example of such objects being lost from their frozen place in ancient dwellings."