Monday, March 26, 2012

"Details (Artist's rendition), of the surface of an element of a 'Space Platform,' I personally enjoy these images, played out by the imagination of the artists, yet, somehow, such as the 'Crop Circles' are indeed inspired imagery, often performed and inspired from the telepathic aid of our neighbors, interplanetary...neighbors...
"Extraterrestrials are also 'Human' in nature, at least they look very similar, as with others, they are entirely different species, and for the 'common' over-view of most terrestrial Humans, some ETs, would be difficult to 'observe.'  The planet Earth is in trouble, and the Galactic Federation is monitoring the, now unacceptable, condition of this garden. So, it has been determined to take steps in intervention to bring about an amiable resolution for both the biosphere of the planet and its overall longevity." '2012' 'Attention to a 'chaotic' outcry, by planet Earth, in it's need for rescue"

"Color emitting from these vehicles, 'Space Stations' across the orbital realm of planet Earth. Mobile and self sufficient with energetics as yet imagined by our species. Another 'Space Platform' photographed by John Lenard Walson, and it continues"
"Amazingly fortunate to have succeeded in such a photograph in deep space. They are many on file, with John Lenard Walson, from his video and still photos of many 'Space Stations' with their estimated size and coordinates. Reports determine them to be miles across in size and perhaps 'platforms' for smaller vehicles transporting back and forth to Earth performing their evaluations."
"Back to the skies, and further, between the Moon and the orbital region of Earth, are vehicles, or more appropriately, 'Space Stations.'  Of course with this type of discovery, there are 'Skeptics' that have claimed that all of these 'Space Stations' are Earth, manufactured, even if they are in deep space, beyond the Moon's orbit. Astronomer 'John Lenard Wason, has photographed many of these anomalies, or 'Space Platforms' and does not assume they are extraterrestrial in origin. But after a through investigation of these images, they appear to be miles across, and traveling at millions of miles an hour.  There would be no doubt that the Hubble Telescope has indeed photographed all of them, yet as so much datum, discovered, it is not available for public knowledge."