Friday, May 23, 2014

"I have scrimshawed many completed works, ten years non-stop engraving ivories of ancient origins. I have sculpted these ancient ivories nearly all of my life also non-stop and still continue to.  Many had been contemporary in my motif to please my friends and collectors in all of these many years.  I now no longer offer any works that do not have my power, works that are endowed with purpose, objects of pride from my hands and from the hands of the ancient folks now extinct.  No longer is it important to offer motif without this power, as I have not that many years left in this life experience and I shall not give objects weak and random appeal in shallow cabinets of dust.  I choose now Amulet, the objects found in the iced hands of Mammoth hunters, on harpoons of ancient Bering Sea hunters, deities strung about the shoulders on bear skin cordage beaded with rare traded treasures from far to the north.  I sing the same songs in spirit of those long past this time, I know them in my sojourns to the edge of the Arctic, to lands end."