Monday, January 31, 2011

"Our concept of distance is most often referred to our physical capability to travel in space.  All factors are calibrated to comply to our physical being in order to 'survive' space travel. Centrifugal forces can cause stress and injury unless these forces are withdrawn from mega-speed transportation.  There are just too many accommodations required for sub-light speeds and travel for the Human physic."  "Our 'ET' neighbors are more advanced than our concepts of thought, and travel, for them, is much more efficient, to suggest to 'vibrate' and dial in frequencies that 'shift' dimensions to achieve departures and arrivals without distance being a factor." 

"When all of us view 'Crop Circles' it is my observation to conclude that the majority of these impressions are authentic and are an 'icon' to further data.  It is certain that certain Humans do indeed produce 'Crop Circles' but not to be alluded as the majority are sent here to be observed... 'near future'... information to those maneuvering through the information grids" 

Sunday, January 30, 2011

"Free Will"  'This is a very important condition for our species in order to have 'the Experience' as an individual.  It is not the case in the Universe to have independence, and individuals are not fully realized when we are at 'home' with the 'Source.'  "As we become Humans on planet Earth, we then become this individual as per design.  If we maintained any past memories prior to becoming Human, then the experience would not be the same.  Being Human is a challenge that can provide such an experience.  "This free will does cease any outside interference from others in the Universe and as per design, shall run it's course."  "So, then, we are spirits 'souls,' that travel to various planets in infinite universe(s) experiencing all of it.  As energy beings that bridge time, space and travel, in all modes, methods, and in all reaches of our interests...we go.  'Just' remember that you, for now, have temporarily lost past memory in order to experience this existence within it's design."