Friday, March 15, 2013

"Dagger with a Human motif to represent what the creator of this dagger, had envisioned.  Few objects were sculpted without some purpose.  In the case of this dagger supporting a stone (Chert) blade, with a handle of extinct Stellar Sea Cow rib bone, does launch the imagination back to prehistory, of a time when an ancient hunter of the region of Arctic, Alaska, most likely carried it during special times.  It is doubtful that it had been a part of his daily hunting gear as the blade, although formidable as to its purpose was easily broken.  Then it may have been worn regularly and in a protective wooden sheath on his person or even in a box within the boat or sledge.  It was a valuable trade item also, as most objects have been when it comes to such quality. The real mystery still resonates in question, but as an object of pride it is a rare and wondrous discovery." 

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