Sunday, August 14, 2011

"Later motif patterns are a more expected labeling for late prehistoric Inuit.  The heads of the Human Forms are circular and virtually void of expressions (Typical of Okvik or Old Bering Sea types) not an elaborate attempt and lacking in traditions similar.  Either the traditions did not persist throughout the region or the remoteness of each group did not share legends and traditions from group to group even by trade patterns.  The patterned traditions on St. Lawrence did in fact evolve dramatically but never the less stressed the need to proliferate a fundamental elaborate distinction specific to Yupik traditions. The main impact of certain Old Bering Sea and Okvik prototypes were elliptical head profiles, weak chins, elongated noses ending in a overly small mouth opening." (And for those whom study the Grays, it is very similar to these species, as even most Okvik, Old Bering Sea period human forms are not at all of a typical Human representation)."

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