Friday, August 12, 2011

"Complex motifs of the later Punuk proto-types of Bering Sea 'Winged' Objects, or as some have named 'Turreted' Objects do harbor design suggestions that seem to be in tradition.  What the tradition may be is just not supported by the standard perceptions of a simple remote cultural group in the middle of the Bering Sea.  It is not to say that these groups are not creative, but indeed they have been exceptionally so, to suggest the designs came from imagination is conjecture as well, but to suggest the designs came by 'outside' influence is most likely.  China and Mongolia was a great distance from St. Lawrence Island and coastal Siberia, but given the space, distance and cultural diversity of all of these groups, in these prehistoric periods, never-the-less suggests influence not typical of less advanced perceptions.  Winged objects, Turreted complexities, and linear engravings suggest a standard of a developed high technological hosts.  As reference to mainland groups of the same age horizons do depict animistic and local associated design format not at all similar to the Okvik and other Bering Sea groups of the same time frame.  All except the Ipiutak horizon which holds similarities to these types." "The remote ancient groups experienced an influence that changed them from a typical primitive hunter / gatherer life style to a very advanced motif based technology."

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