Friday, August 12, 2011

"Published discovery in Deering Alaska, by the local Nome, Alaska newspaper, the 'Nome Nugget' illustrates a rare discovery of a 'Helmeted' walrus ivory 'mask' by the prehistoric 'Ipiutak'  that had accompanied a burial.  These motifs are  continuous artifact representations suggesting 'contact' influences of interplanetary visitations in past Arctic history of the Bering and Chukchi Sea region.  There are a great many atypical motifs of these ancient people's (abstract fauna types) that are certain religious traditions offered as the Inuit's link to perpetuated spiritual beliefs. Too many of these motifs directly suggest extraterrestrial contacts simply by offering vehicular replications in Inuit design formats." "Winged Objects designed to 'fly' with engraved images too coincidental in the constructs of a 'vehicle, a wing with attachments with non animated imagery is standard but there are definitely animistic associations to these introduced motifs in combination to an overall motif that is alien to such remote and primitive hunter/ gatherer culture groups in such remote and sterile environment."

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