Saturday, August 13, 2011

"Late Punuk Horizon," (500 AD) St. Lawrence Island, Alaska..."Winged Object"
It does represent a Whale's fluke quite simply, yet it follows a tradition that has much to do with this evolved design pattern.  The Yupik followed traditional motifs religiously and mostly due to a dramatically religious discipline.  As a remote and primitive culture steps up it's technology from basically it's localized influences such as animism and visionaries, there also were influences unexplained that brought to light designs that were too 'alien' to their normal accountable influences.  These influences saw a dramatic design motif of shapes reminiscent of air planes, winged objects with linear construct lines easily defining the superstructures of vehicles built to fly and perhaps to do so in space.  Extraterrestrial encounters were in place in history, prehistory and even in our current experiences.  When a primitive and distant culture views an 'air craft' or in a most spectacular way, a Space vehicle, it then becomes a God, a thing to remember, to copy in any art form for providence, fortune, and spiritual gratification.  It occurred in the Arctic, to many cultures, and these design motifs were preserved in their cultural identities, their deities and traditions that lasted for thousands of years...are indeed a mirror of extraterrestrial contacts past along by memory and in a strict traditional sense."

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