Wednesday, August 10, 2011

"Objects of motifs that are utilized in a culture so remote as to be in a very real way 'stranded' in the Bering Sea islands and along the remote coasts of Siberia that developed 'flying' vehicles from memory, from tradition with elaborate engravings illustrating 'light portals' and construct lines.  To such details that does not involve any objects that occur naturally in their Arctic environment.  Vanes as stabilizers on the wings, that can contract or extend, with wings that house engine ports, that are carved through the object both fore and aft. Not just winged objects but other objects such as harpoon projectiles, all illustrating engravings that appear to be stars, or linear dissecting barbs through globes or raised 'eyes' that include animistic abstracts incorporated into an 'hull' configuration."  'One must question how these designs from both the 'Okvik' (Bering Sea) and mainland 'Ipiutak' Inuit of (Point Hope and Deering, Alaska) developed ancient prehistoric fixed wing 'ship' type motifs, that are entirely foreign to anything discovered in their 'common' format of Arctic life."

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